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Seller FAQ


To sign up for an account, visit Yoursook.com and click Sign UP present at the top corner of the website then enter details and select "Seller" in Profile Type.

What if I forget the Password?

Click on the Forgot Password which is present in the Signin page.


Facebook Connect allows you to bring your Facebook account into Yoursook, so you can share what you're doing on Yoursook with your friends on Facebook. You have complete control over what is shared.

How to Open a Store?

Click on the Open Store from the Footer menu and enter the details of yours Company, Shipping Details and Payment details.

Can I open a Store with no cost?

Yes we have feature that you can open a Store with free of cost.To have you need to signup with the Seller account and the select Free Store from the open store page.

What is featured store?

Featured Store has additional features such as you can advertise your store, can change layout of the store,upload good number of products and many more compared to Free store.

What is Sponsored Store?

Sponsored Store has all the features that you are looking for and it is maintained by the Yoursook. You will get good layout design, best advertising of your store and many more by the experts of the Yoursook.

Do I need a PayPal account to set up a store?

Yes, you do! In fact, you need a Premier or Business PayPal account to be able to receive online payment from YourSook and also you can receive amount by cheque from YourSook if you don't have paypal account.

What can’t I sell in my store?

Please go through the Prohibited List from the Footer menu.

Do I need a business license to have a store?

Yes you need as per the Laws of SAUDI's government.

Will my products show up in Google?

Yes! All Yoursook Sponsored stores are optimized for search engines like Google so all products you list will automatically.

Can I link to my website/blog/facebook etc.?

Yes you can link to facebook,blog and to your site.

Can I have Custom url for my Store?

Yes you can have your own url for your store.

How many product images can I use?

Up to 10 product images you can upload

What currencies can I list my items in?

Yoursook offers currencies as per the Payment gateways. For CASH ON DELIVERY Yoursook recommends to have in Saudi Riyals

Do I have to provide refunds/exchanges?

If you send a customer the wrong item or a defective or counterfeit item, you are obliged to provide an exchange or refund.

Other than that, it's your store, you can set the policies to be whatever you like. Bear in mind you are selling online where customers can't see or touch the items before they order them, so you are more likely to get sales if customers know they can return the items if they don't like them.

How many products can I sell in my store?

It is as per the package of store. Please check our fees & subscription packages for more detail

Can I sell digital items?

Yes you can! If you, the store owner, decide to sell digital items, it is your responsibility to contact each buyer and deliver the digital item to them in a reasonable time period.

Do my customers need a PayPal account?

No, it completely depends on the buyer, either to go with Paypal or other modes such as Credit/Debit Cards or CASH ON DELIVERY.

Do you have forums or a community group for store owners?

Yes Yoursook provides you Social Community and Forums.