Prohibited Goods



Prohibited Products and Services

They are all products and services that Islamic Law prohibits their circulation and trafficking. Also, they are all products and services that prevailing Saudi Law prohibits their circulation and trafficking.

For Example:

  1. All types of wine and spirits.

  2. All kinds of drugs.

  3. Animal skins, (non-domesticated) and fur.

  4. Materials of high value

  5. Dangerous goods/ Dangerous substances, (according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Federation Agreement (IATA) for the immediate rapid transfer, and the regulations Transferring Dangerous Goods by Road Agreement (ADR)).

  6. Live Animals.

  7. All kinds and types of any perishable goods, food, medicines, and liquids.

  8. Everything related or referred to porn substances whether they are in movies, magazines, websites or games.

  9. Tobacco and its products.

  10. All kinds of Insects pesticides and agricultural pesticides.

  11. Cash, checks, or exchange’s bills, bonds, bank book, or paid credit cards, share’s exchange certificates, or any other securities.

  12. Firearms and dangerous commodities prohibited under the Ministry of Interior and the Customs Authority of Saudi Arabia.

  13. Goods that may endanger human being or animals.

  14. All means that may contaminate or damage other goods, which are transferred with the shipping company or any goods prohibited by the applicable Saudi Law.

  15. Software and pirated CDs.

  16. The legally forbidden materials.

  17. The illegally products of animal origins.